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We specialise in hotel management, hotel turnarounds and design of hotel facilities.

At Everly Group, we believe that multitasking and a multi-skilled workforce will add value to an organisation’s activities. We also pay special attention to ensure that staff prioritise and schedule their work, plan for peak periods and reallocate resources according to operational needs. Teamwork and all these approaches increase productivity, create a better working environment and generate better customer response times. We not only practice teamwork within a department of a hotel but also between departments and across hotels. This way knowledge and expertise are shared not only within a hotel but across all our hotels. We take pride in guiding, coaching and nurturing our people in order to optimise their performance and create in them a greater sense of professional and personal fulfillment. And that is why we describe ourselves as Pioneering Hospitality Mentors and Educators.

The massive expansion in information technology has revolutionized the industrial landscape and brought numerous tools to the market. At Everly Group, we complement various work methods with these tools to improve productivity in many hotel operations. We believe that combining IT solutions with job tasks increases productivity, which in turn produces higher revenue per employee. We have developed many proprietary softwares that allows us to ensure tasks are scheduled and completed accurately and on time. Exception reports coming on a timely basis from these databases allow us to pay attention to any area that is not completed or not on time.

On the broader front, we continually invest in the training and development of our people, as they are the driving force behind any hotel operations. We ensure that there are systems and procedures in place to ensure that tasks and jobs are running smoothly and that service standards are met. As we believe in and practice continuous improvement, our systems and procedures are continually improved and updated with the support of all our people.

We try our best to raise the morale and motivation amongst staff. Towards this end, we encourage an open, fair and transparent work environment and we create opportunities for staff to increase their skills and become a more knowledgeable workforce. As a result of all our combined efforts, the productivity and efficiency in many hotels under our management experience remarkable improvements.

As a result of our productivity focus without forsaking customer service, we manage to achieve high revenue per employee. Employees receive high service charge compensation per month. This together with our practice of paying incentive bonuses on a quarterly basis ensures that morale of the staff is very high.

Our brand is primarily about our people as it is our people who make us unique, stimulating and relevant. It is our people who develop strong and lasting relationships with those who matter most to us. And if our people are fulfilled, we think there is a greater chance that those we partner with will be too.


We are very pleased with the performance of The Everly Putrajaya since it opened for business in year 2013 which has exceeded our expectations. Their modus operandi and processes have indeed yielded excellent results.

Datuk Azlan Bin Abdul Karim
Chief Executive Officer
Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd

In 1995, Everly Group advised me correctly not to proceed with the two hotels I was planning when they forecasted a looming oversupply. This distinguishes them from others - a true professional who is constantly thinking of what's good for their clients first.
Dato' Alan Tong
Group Chairman
Bukit Kiara Properties Sdn. Bhd.

Everly Group increased our Hotel's profits by RM530,000 in the first year of their management, far exceeding what they guaranteed us. We couldn't be happier.
Datuk Eddie Chen
Metro Kajang Group
(Owner of Prescott Metro Inn, Kajang)

It’s a challenge to balance both needs but Everly Group can certainly deliver! Over the last five years, they have improved the quality of service and the Food & Beverage in our hotel. Most importantly, the profits have improved significantly.
Datuk Jimmy Yong Kyok Ming
General Manager
Borneo Development Corporation (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd
(Owner of Beverly Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah)

Thanks to Everly Group, we have made a remarkable head start. They have saved us about RM2 million in construction costs even before our Hotel in Sibu is opened.
Mr. David Tiong
Executive Director
Rimbunan Hijau Group
[Owner of Everly Hotel Sibu (Opening Aug '06)]

It is always possible to achieve better results because they're performance and results driven. We have recorded sound growth in our revenue and financial performance since Everly Group managed our 'Jack Nicklaus' designed golf course and resort five years ago.
Mr. Seah Tee Lean
Borneo Golf Resort Bhd

Entrusting Everly Group with our second hotel in Miri was the right move - our profits have improved by RM 450,000 and RM 1,400,000 in the first and second year of their management, far exceeding our expectations.
Mr. Yaw Chee Ming
Samling Group
(Owner of Parkcity Everly Hotel, Miri & Bintulu)

We congratulate Value Hospitality for their efficient management and for consistently achieving high GOP, well above industry standards. We are also very pleased that our Bintulu hotel was awarded the best service in Malaysia for the 4-star City Hotel category (year 2004) by Tourism Malaysia, a true testimony of the high standards achieved.
Mr. Yaw Chee Ming
Samling Group
(Owner of Parkcity Everly Hotel, Miri & Bintulu)

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